Art for Health & Wellness

The Art for Health & Wellness program works with health care institutions to promote health and wellness through access to art. The program:

•   Donates and loans fine art and fine art reproductions for the use in healthcare settings and other locations to promote health and wellness, and  

•   Accept gifts of fine art originals, related materials and donations that can be made available for these purposes

The Foundation may donate prints or lend originals to health care institutions that support the mission of the Foundation. If you are interested in participating in the Art for Health & Wellness program, please visit the Contact Us page.

For more viewable prints by Cecile Johnson you can visit the official website here.

Red Poppies

Alpine Meadow, France

Lake Traunsee, Austria

US | CCCP Gold Medal Match Serigraph 18/3

Jamaican Market

Santorini Greece 2/5

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